Small Signature Necklace, Bright

Small Signature Necklace, Bright - Front
This classical sterling silver necklace captures the uniqueness and individuality of Ewe. Sterling silver with a bright rhodium finish shines with any outfit. The bead chain is added with a bezel diamond and comes with a chain. 
Message: Be Ewe - Self Confidence
  • Metal: Sterling Silver with bright rhodium finishes
  • Stone: 1 diamond, 4 points
  • Logo Casting Measures: 12.5mm x 11.25mm x 2.75mm (0.5" x 0.4" x 0.1”)
  • Chain: 1.5mm adjustable bead chain with lobster clasp
  • Bezel Set Diamond on 16.5- 17.5” Bead Chain 

*Your entire purchase price will benefit this organization and initiative will run through 2017. There is no minimum contribution amount but that of the unit.

$ 295.00